What is Domination Finance?

The world’s first DEX for dominance trading. Now live on Ethereum, Boba Network, & Polygon.

Domination Finance is a non-custodial financial instrument and exchange that allows users to trade dominance pairs or earn trading fees by providing liquidity.

Without surprise, our flagship pair is Bitcoin Dominance (BTCDOM). Bitcoin Dominance is one of the most utilized indicators in the industry, representing Bitcoin’s share of the total cryptocurrency market. However this is just the beginning; many more pairs are on the way.

Don’t Just Analyze it – Trade it

Market dominance is no longer just a tool.

Take a position directly on our exchange by easily longing or shorting Bitcoin Dominance and other dominance pairs with the click of a button.

Simple, Mobile-Friendly Trading MOBILE

Putting dominance pairs in your pocket, because we believe DeFi doesn’t have to start and end with a desktop.

The future is mobile, and DeFi’s been getting left behind.

With a dedicated mobile interface which mimics our desktop experience, Domination Finance lets you trade on the go. Access all the same features, without a compromise in quality:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Add Liquidity
  • Manage Positions

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a brief overview of Bitcoin Dominance, basic trading terminology, a quick walkthrough on adding liquidity and a list of our supported crypto wallets.

Bitcoin is open source, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer money. It has frequently been referred to as digital gold and is the world’s very first cryptocurrency.

Altcoins broadly refer to every cryptocurrency which is not Bitcoin. There are currently thousands of altcoins, the most prominent being Ethereum.

Bitcoin Dominance is Bitcoin’s share of the total cryptocurrency market cap. It is calculated as a percentage using the following equation:

Bitcoin’s Market Cap / Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Bitcoin Dominance data is provided by CoinGecko.

Bitcoin Dominance has been used as an indicator of periods where Bitcoin will either outperform or underperform the broader cryptocurrency market. This oftentimes helps investors decide whether to increase or decrease their altcoin exposure.

Opening a long position means that you believe a pair's dominance will go up.

Opening a short position means that you believe a pair's dominance will go down.

You then become a liquidity provider (LP) to Uniswap. Click here to learn more.

After adding liquidity, you begin earning a portion of the trading fees.

Currently, only USDC can be used to add liquidity on Domination Finance.

Domination Finance is compatible with MetaMask and all web3 wallets supported by WalletConnect.

MetaMask is crypto’s most popular web3 wallet. MetaMask is available for Chrome & Firefox on desktop.

They also have a mobile app for iOS and Android.

WalletConnect is also compatible with Domination Finance in case you do not want to use MetaMask.

Download any of their supported wallets to get started.