Introducing Domination Finance

When we were exploring how to best spend our time building in crypto, we knew we wanted it to be on something truly novel. Naval Ravikant said the best way to escape competition is through authenticity – and we wanted that to be true not only for ourselves, but also for the protocol we chose to build on.

UMA enables developers to build synthetic assets. For those already familiar with crypto, UMA can be thought of as a confluence between MakerDAO & Synthetix. Users collateralize their positions with cryptocurrency and in turn, mint synthetic assets. This excited us for a myriad of reasons, which you can read more about here.

To be quite honest, a lot of our inspiration for Domination Finance also came from MakerDAO & Synthetix. At launch, all Domination Finance synths will only be collateralizable with DAI. While that is subject to change in the future, Maker has made great strides in decentralizing stablecoins in true crypto fashion.

The sDEFI & sCEX trading pairs on Synthetix validated an underlying assumption our team had been operating under: index exposure, even in crypto, is desired and wanted. We actually even pitched a crypto index product bundle almost three years ago at the Genesis Crypto event at the University of Illinois. Fast forward to now and that market opportunity has begun to be addressed by the likes of Synthetix, TokenSets and more.

So we rewound. Why did index exposure excite us in early 2018? It was because we listened to the market. Nearly all conversations we had with traditional investors at that time displayed healthy caution towards nearly all crypto products – besides one. They wanted to invest in the shovels during the gold rush, exchanges, or what is now sCEX.

During the summer 2020 pump, we blocked out the food coin noise. Although we could’ve gotten some good gwei off the hype, it seemed unsustainable. Lo and behold, it was. The products themselves were almost all clones of existing projects with yield farmers flocking to the shiny, new opportunity with higher APY, making it difficult to create a meaningful moat.

The Domination Finance team is here to play long term. We admire the model of creating value THEN launching a token. And only the market can eventually deem us worthy if we ever go that route.

There’s been a single indicator which we’ve seen consistently mentioned by both analysts and degen traders alike. Historically, it’s been one of the most telling signs of upcoming bull runs and when to finally lock in those altcoin gains. Maximalists will tell you it’s inevitably running towards 100%, but most can’t imagine a world in which Bitcoin has that much market share.

That being said, we are excited to announce the launch of Domination Finance, with the inaugural instrument being Bitcoin Dominance. Call out the Bitcoin maxis to long the index. Tired of someone saying Bitcoin is outdated? Encourage them to short it to 0.

Try out our dapp here and share your thoughts with us across any of our social channels. We’ll be sure to be in touch!