Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

General Legal Counsel

Chris created Element 79 Law to fit within your company’s workflow. He envisions the firm helping companies find new opportunities within their sector to grow and profit. And he wants to make the law firm a place where you can get answers and expand your business.

Chris started as a regulator with the CBOE and then transitioned to FINRA, where conducted onsite reviews of member firms.

Following his work as a regulator, he moved to private practice, leading the securities practice for a mid-sized Chicago firm, this time working with trading firms and individual traders. It is these traders that introduced Chris to Bitcoin and blockchain are the tail end of 2016, but it was until mid-2017 that he started working with blockchain startups.

Chris has started his own firm, Element 79 Law LLC with the goal of supporting startups at their early stages and as they continue to grow.