Showing Our Colors

Domination Finance’s branding centers around a palette of four main colors:

Green, Red, Gold & Silver represent the actions and functions that are available on Domination Finance: long, short, add liquidity & manage open positions. While the team was getting the product out the door, we made sure from day one that anything related to Domination Finance was going to be easily identifiable. Everything from the exchange itself to our logo and website has a unique brand aesthetic which makes it distinct.

The Domination Finance brand represents a lot more than just beauty. Aside from the color palette, we really wanted to make sure that we show off our passion for building by releasing an interface that oozes with class. A premium user experience is and will always be the priority at DomFi.

Dominance Pairs

A new way to trade

As opposed to speculating spot price, Domination Finance enables the trading of market dominance. By nature this fundamentally alters how to trade due to the fact each pair is capped at 100. For example, Bitcoin’s price can trade at either $10,000 or $100,000 – however its market dominance can never surpass 100%